2DEEP Gives Us New Summer Anthem “Mimosas”

by Natasha Melina

2DEEP is the Ecuadorian-Colombian producer, DJ, and young visionary behind songs like “Candela,” “Nota,” and now “Mimosas.” With a great team, he manages to keep bringing the people what they want, the hottest party tracks! 


For 2DEEP’s latest single “Mimosas,” he teams up with Lechero, Eudotis and DJ Fasta in this guaracha inspired song. This isn’t his first party track but it’s the first time that 2DEEP really dives into a guaracha sound. During a recent conversation with the music producer, he shared that he chose to go the guaracha route because it’s all he’s been listening to lately. 



“Latin house is going to have a moment this summer. I feel like all these songs that are coming out, Rauw Alejandro, The Martinez Brothers – there’s a lot of records in that kind of style and I wanted to add my own flavor to that because I was really inspired by what they’re doing in Colombia and in Mexico. I want to bring something to the table and do something different.” – 2DEEP


The brunch themed song is something that came about organically in the studio while 2DEEP and Lechero were having a session. In a funny back story on how the idea came about, 2DEEP says “I forgot how we came up with the mimosas theme – we probably said how do we come up with a brunch party song. I think that’s how it went. We’ve been doing pretty good with the song, I’m happy with how it’s going.”



“Mimosas” was released by Gasolina Records, a label founded by 2DEEP and has been receiving endless support from listeners who are vibing with the song. This is definitely a must add to your summer playlist whether you’re brunching sipping on mimosas or enjoying a BBQ con la familia, it’s the perfect party track for any occasion! 


Gasolina Records will continue to release tons of new music that you won’t want to miss while also providing a platform where new and upcoming artists can share their music.

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