Abby Jasmine Drops Deluxe Edition of Album “Who Cares?”

by Natasha Melina

Abby Jasmine first grew a fanbase in her teenage years when she started posting videos of her performing freestyle rap covers of popular rap songs on social media platforms like Vine. Jasmine says she first started actively posting videos at 14 because she didn’t have many friends growing up since she had strict parents and wasn’t allowed to go out much. For those that can relate to Jasmine’s upbringing or are in the same boat right now, the artist says “I feel like anybody who is in that same place and doesn’t want to feel alone, there is a community  for everybody on social media. If you like video games, you’ll find people that like video games. You’ll find people that you can talk to.”



The now 21 year old still finds herself in the limelight, now with her new album “Who Cares?” and a deluxe version which features four new tracks including “Cold Interlude”, “Stuck on You”, “First Day Out”, and “Like Me”


The album has collaborations with Kash Juliano, Smoke DZA, and Guapdad 4000 who has gone viral alongside Jasmine thanks to their track “Groovy” which has been labeled as one of the top songs of 2020 by major publications like Vice and Seventeen Magazine



Since Abby Jasmine already has some killer collaborations, I was interested in knowing who else from this new generation of music would Jasmine like to collaborate with. Jasmine says, “I really love Yung Baby Tate, she is so dope and versatile. I’ve been listening to her music like crazy right now. I’d really love to collab with her. I love BIA! BIA is fire. I’ve been trying to do a song with Melii, we’re going to get it done. Those are my top three. I really just want to work with more women in the game. I want some really dope collabs with some really dope females.” Just like Jasmine, we are all about women empowerment! 



After listeners hear “Who Cares?” Deluxe version, Abby Jasmine shares a message on what she wants her audience to take away. Jasmine says “for people who have been following me for a very long time and have seen me do this transition or even people who have just followed my music career, I want them to notice growth in my music, writing, and as a person. I feel like [in my music] you can find out things about me. From my first tape to now, I’ve just been sprinkling little bits of information about myself and I want people to grow too. I think that’s important.”

Don’t forget the deluxe edition of “Who Cares?” is out now!

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