Aileen Rosario is Now Living a Life of “Ricura”

by Natasha Melina

Aileen Rosario is the sheer definition of poise.  A rare gem in the industry, not only is she a singer-songwriter but she’s also a dancer, choreographer, and actress. She knows exactly who she is and owns it while inspiring others to do the same. Living a vida de ricura means many things but for the artist it means doing everything in life with love. 


As easy as Rosario makes it look, she opens up and says “it’s been quite a journey for me, there have been some battles and I feel as a female artist, it’s a little more difficult.” There have been naysayers and people who didn’t believe in her work at one point or another. When she was the lead female vocalist in Lenny Santos’ bachata group Vena, producers and other music industry professionals would call her out and tell her that there wasn’t room for women in bachata. For any other women that might deal with similar struggles in their life, the singer-songwriter wants them to know that to get through the dark moments and the off-putting words, “always turn to whatever positive energy you have in your life.” 



For Aileen Rosario, a passion in the arts has always come natural to her. Gifted with an incredible voice at birth, Rosario credits much of her inspiration to pursue music as a full-time career to the one and only Selena Quintanilla. “She truly opened up my eyes to what Aileen is and what I want to do on this earth. When I saw what she left behind and all the souls that she touched through her energy and music, it was so profound to me. I immediately gravitated to music and said this is what I want to do with my life. I want to bring positive energy into the world with my music.”



With Rosario’s new release “Ricura,” she’s accomplished what she’s wanted for so long. She is bringing this bright and happy energy to her listeners with this new sexy song. With years of industry experience, Aileen says “I’ve always strived to get to this point that I’m at right now.” Her listeners have been enjoying the song and music video where Rosario shows off her dance skills making it a trending topic among them. 


The passion and work that Aileen put into the song and music video comes across when you watch it as well as when you hear her speak about “Ricura.”  This is her first track off of her new project and it was important to her to represent what her audience wanted and needed after the year we’ve been through. “It represents Aileen. I feel like for us women, it’s just so beautiful to represent who we are y enseñarle al mundo que el amor es lo mas rico que existe. Es una ricura.”


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