AJ Moreno & Evalina Drop Hot New Dance Record “Strangers”

by Natasha Melina

Joining the category of hot dance tracks is AJ Moreno’s latest hit single “Strangers” accompanied by the captivating vocals of Evalina


This isn’t the first time that Moreno shakes the dance world with one of his unforgettable tunes. Just this past summer, he released “Put ‘Em High” which became a viral hit across social media, inspiring dance and house music lovers to start a shuffle challenge with the song. To date, the track has accumulated over 1 million streams on Spotify as well as other platforms.



AJ Moreno finds himself constantly motivated by his love and passion for music. He says, music is a release for me, it gives me complete freedom to move in any direction I want and to express how I’m feeling, my situation, my surroundings in a song. Plus I love music, so to be able to have a career where I get to make music all day is amazing and I’m very grateful.” Seeing Moreno’s face light up as he talks about his projects and time in the studio gives his words a bigger meaning.


With AJ Moreno and Evalina’s new song “Strangers,” we are immediately hooked by the catchy melodies and lyrics but even more so with the story that the song tells. The song is relatable for many, as Evalina questions the risk that comes with taking a friendship a step further into a romantic relationship. 



The two came together when AJ Moreno was in a session with his good friend Amira who wrote the hook and sang over the chords. Instantly, Moreno knew that he had to be the one to produce the song. AJ Moreno recounts the way that  “Strangers” came about:

A few weeks later, I finished the track and we were both happy with it. But I had releases scheduled so it was left on the back burner to be released at a later time. Then about a year later, after the first or second lockdown we had over here, I re-opened the project and the production sounded a bit dated. I knew I could make it better, so I started the whole song production again from scratch. As the topline and vocals had already been demo recorded, it was a case of molding the song around that. Once it was done, I called up Evalina to see if she would vocal it, she was feeling it and did. Her voice is unreal! She sent me voice notes of her singing it with a cold lol! It sounded fantastic, I was like ‘YES!!!! She is the one for this tune!’ She smashed it.” – AJ Moreno

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