Alvaro Diaz & Yandel Release NEW Breakup Anthem “Lo Que Te Duele”

by Natasha Melina

Reggaeton newcomer Alvaro Diaz has had a successful year premiering many viral hit songs such as “Reina Pepiada”, collaboration with Tainy and Dalex “Mera”, and “Deportivo” alongside Argentine rapper Cazzu and Caleb Calloway.


Now, Diaz has joined forces with Yandel who he has idolized since he was a young child.


Alvaro and Yandel’s new release “Lo Que Te Duele” is the breakup anthem we didn’t know we needed for when you’ve gotten over an ex that won’t leave you alone.



In a virtual press conference with Alvaro Diaz and Yandel, they both share what went on behind the scenes of creating this project.


Listening to Alvaro Diaz speak about his new hit, it’s obvious how passionate he is about the entire project from the lyrics to the video. Diaz said “la idea surgió cuando empezamos el tema, antes de presentársela a Yandel dije ‘esta es una de las temas más comerciales que he hecho en mi vida. El que conoce mi sonido sabe que es un poco diferente.”


When starting to brainstorm ideas for the music video of  “Lo Que Te Duele”, Alvaro says that he immediately thought of old school soap operas that were popular on Spanish networks. He even began to watch Puerto Rican soap operas to draw inspiration for the music video which is truly such a masterpiece. 


Once Alvaro decided to base his and Yandel’s music video off of classic Spanish novelas, he took the idea and ran with it. Developing it more, he shares that he wanted to give it a modern day 2020 soap opera feel with his own visual preferences but with the same classic cheesy drama that we all know and love from soap operas. With all of this already in mind, Alvaro Diaz had yet to check in with Yandel which he says he was nervous about. If Yandel didn’t want to go in that direction, Diaz would have scrapped it and invented something completely different, the young artist shares.


Yandel shared what working on this project was like from his perspective. He says “estoy súper pompeado con el tema, fue muy orgánico. Musicalmente, cuando trabajamos el video fue como una nueva experiencia para mi. Hacer un video más actuado como si fuera un novela de las viejas de antes pero se ve moderno a la misma vez. Disfrute cada momento con Alvaro, el es bien creativo.” There’s a lot of respect and admiration for each other between Alvaro Diaz and Yandel and it makes them a great team!


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