Andrew Tejada Reveals What You Need to Know About New Single “Buena Vibra” and Upcoming Album “Amor, Nutrición, y Aire”

by Natasha Melina

Andrew Tejada is the breakout artist you need to know about. Coming into 2021 strong, the singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer has just released his debut single titled “Buena Vibra.” The song lives up to its title and radiates positive vibes as well as a message that life is an uphill battle worth fighting.


Recently catching up with the Dominican singer-songwriter, we discussed all things from the pandemic, his debut single, and his upcoming album. In regards to the pandemic, Andrew Tejada shares his remorse on the harsh year it’s been while reminding us that it has been a necessary rest for the mind. It’s been a year of self-reflection and getting to know ourselves better. This is what Tejada did, leading him to creating music unique to him and his style. 



His debut single “Buena Vibra” came together in less than an hour as Tejada worked on the track in the studio with a good friend. Inspired by a song by Canadian rapper Drake, Tejada knew the creative direction in which he wanted to take the song. The artist shares, “I remember telling my friend I really wanted to do something like that. I wanted to make something uptempo, something that can relate to the new wave of today so we started f***ing around a little bit with that. Before I knew it, I just started saying words. It must be that we were just having a good time so that’s what brought it out.” 


The official music video to “Buena Vibra” is currently out and is a whole vibe. Andrew Tejada credits a lot of the work to his team saying that it was a “collective effort.” Unique details in the video such as the lucha libre masks that Tejada and a model wear are meant to be symbolic. As I asked Tejada the reason behind the creative decision, he replied “en la vida hay que luchar, and find yourself, the masks explain that.” Tejada wants his listeners to walk away from the song with a valuable message, that being “you’re in the process of doing what you do, committing yourself to what you like, etc.  I’m pretty sure that doesn’t come easy, it always comes with a bit of a downfall and I felt like that was the great conscience of the song in the sense of showing that I’m always battling but regardless of me battling, that doesn’t always mean I’m in a bad mood. There’s nobody that can actually feel how good I feel.”



Throwing out lots of gems and personal details about himself, Andrew Tejada wants his listeners to know, “I’m not trying to put up a show. I’m simply just doing my music and I do it from the heart so if there’s people that are ready to listen to music that comes from the heart, I’m here.” 


Later this year, Tejada will be releasing an album titled “Amor, Nutrición, y Aire,” listeners can expect to hear more real and raw music from the artist. The title is important to the artist as he says he titled it that because love, nutrition, and air are the three elements he feels people need to have in life. He says “to take away any of those, you’d have no life. And that’s all it took for me to make that album.” Many of the songs that will be featured on the album were originally written a few years ago, the singer-songwriter mentions “I hope people can see the steady growth and see there’s phases we all go through. I’m just showing you my first phase which is a little bit of just having fun with it and hopefully I can get into a more serious narrative as things grow.” 

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