Audri Nix: From Natti Natasha’s Youtube Series “Bravas” to Releasing New Music “No Siento Na”

by Natasha Melina

Puertorican singer-songwriter Audri Nix has gained a following for her music inspired by both trap and pop and her acting debut as the lead in the Youtube Original Series “Bravas,” created by Jessy Terrero and executive produced by Natti Natasha. 


Starring alongside  Nohemy Águila and Amanda Antonella in this eight episode drama, Audri Nix takes on a leading role in this series that follows three friends who struggle to find their place in the music world at whatever cost. 



Combining both her love and passion for music and acting in this project was a unique experience for Nix who shares that even while filming on set, the fact that she was there still felt so surreal to her. One of the most bizarre moments she feels she had is when she had to yell in reggaeton legend and founder of La Base Music, Wisin’s face for a scene. Growing up listening to his music to being on set acting alongside him as love interests was a full circle moment that Audri Nix will always cherish.


Focusing on putting out original music, she’s cultivated her very own sound that distinguishes her from the rest of the crowd with her catchy melodies and powerful lyrics. She recently  announced the upcoming release of her EP “Trap Pop.” Ahead of the release of the record, she debuted her latest single “No Siento Na,” an anthem for when you finally become numb to all the pain that a partner has caused you.


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