Axel Rulay Tells Us How He Made the Ultimate Party Song “Si Es Trucho Es Trucho”

by Natasha Melina

Axel Rulay is a name that everyone has come to know and love. At 21 years old, he currently has the hottest party song of the moment “Si Es Trucho Es Trucho.” The viral record has turned Rulay into an overnight sensation thanks to the love and support from fans everywhere including celebrities like Bad Bunny, Cardi B, Swae Lee, and many more.


Upon seeing its extreme popularity, Axel Rulay knew that to take this track to a global level, he wanted to recruit a couple of well respected artists from the Latin urban genre which is how the remix featuring Farruko and El Alfa was born. 



I recently caught up with the young artist to talk about his viral song and he gave us the behind the scenes details on how the song was born as well as how the remix with Farruko and El Alfa came to be.


With his infectious energy and catchy music, Axel Rulay’s mission is to bring good vibes and great music to his listeners who enjoy his fun and upbeat party sound. 


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