Baby Astro Makes the Music He Wanted to Hear Growing Up

by Natasha Melina

Baby Astro is navigating his way through heartbreak by immortalizing his feelings through his music. The Costa Rican-American artist’s latest single “Desde Ti” is all about the first real heartbreak that the artist experienced. 


As a freshman in high school, Baby Astro started developing his own music preferences listening to primaril rock and rap. It was at that same time that he started working on his own music, occasionally jotting down lyrics and song ideas on his phone. 


Developing his own sound has been an exciting journey for Baby Astro who combines genres that wouldn’t typically mesh. “I like to listen to really different kinds of sounds and put together sounds that you wouldn’t think would go together, that’s the music I like to make.” When it comes to labeling Baby Astro’s music, you can’t put him into a box and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves being able to have a one of a kind sound inspired by rock, alternative, rap, reggaeton, and hip hop. 



Baby Astro has recently dropped his new single “Desde Ti” and says “it’s something that was a long time coming and was always meant to be a rock and hip hop single.” The song speaks of heartbreak and shares a lot of real emotion with its listeners. 


Upon asking Baby Astro whether the song was inspired by his real life, he responded “most definitely. It’s about a first love I had. It was something personal to me, to get the chance to display my emotions and an event I went through in life is special to me. Being able to take that lesson and turn it into a song is special because I know a lot of kids go through similar stuff. Being able to put that in a song, I hope kids can relate to it the same way that I do.”



When talking to Baby Astro, it’s obvious to see that sharing real life experiences with his listeners is important to him, I was eager to know why. He says “it’s natural to me. Whatever I’m writing is going to be something that I’ve gone through. I could never get myself to write about something that I wasn’t going through because it wouldn’t feel genuine.”


Since Baby Astro shares his heartbreak story with us in “Desde Ti,” I figured he was the right person to ask for some breakup advice and he did not disappoint. Baby Astro shares “I would talk to people close to me but they would just say ‘it’s life.’ Don’t ever let those situations become you. Let them inspire you to move forward but don’t let your sadness or loneliness become you and overtake your personality. Tell yourself it’s a phase and look at it as a process or a journey as much as it hurts. That’s the one thing about advice, there’s nothing that can be said to help you get over the hurt.” 

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