Calacote: First Artist Signed to Latin Grammy Winner Maffio’s Record Label Alkatraks Talks Fusing His French & Dominican Roots

by Natasha Melina

Over the summer, the award-winning artist Maffio launched his record label Alkatraks Music Group marking a new milestone in his career. 


“It is about legacy, this is what ALKATRAKS Music Group is all about. Part of our mission is to bring our LatinX culture to the new generation so we don’t lose our identity.  ALKATRAKS is a group of people who share the vision to elevate our culture through music.” – Maffio



With the news of the launch, we were introduced to Calacote – a new artist who strives to fuse his French and Dominican backgrounds together in his music. The union between Maffio and Calacote came to be after the young artist sent Maffio a private message on Instagram introducing himself and sharing that he wants to bring the world his one of a kind sound representing his Dominican side as well as his French roots.


Maffio has said that Calacote is unique and incredibly talented which proves to be true if you hear his latest releases “Azafata” and “Bruja” featuring Kiko El Crazy. Calacote has shared that he has lots of new music that he’s working on and isn’t constraining himself within one particular genre so you can expect to hear dembow. Trap, reggaeton, and so much more. 


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