Carmen DeLeon Makes Us “Feel Our Feelings” with New Song Cafecito and Teases Upcoming Ne-Yo Collaboration

by Natasha Melina

Carmen DeLeon has recently released her latest single “Cafecito,” a song inspired by her grandfathers’ joy in the little things like sharing a cup of coffee with loved ones. 


Carmen DeLeon pours her heart out in this bittersweet song remembering what she loved about both her grandfathers. The track came together one night in the company of her friends who helped her put her thoughts down to honor the memory of her grandfathers who she loved and lost. 



Just as the song has great meaning to Carmen, she wanted to share it with her fans. She calls it “the perfect song for anyone who has ever experienced some form of loss.” It’s easy to feel sad when hearing a song with such raw emotion like “Cafecito,” I wanted to know what DeLeon wants her listeners to feel when they hear the song. She says, “in the beginning of the song, I’m drowning into my feelings. I’m like ‘I miss you’ but then in the second verse, I’m saying I remember every nice beautiful moment. I want the listeners to feel their feelings. Feel what they’re drowning in. And to remember the good things and that they’re not alone.”


Connecting with fans has always been incredibly important to Carmen. With her music, she’s letting you into her life and therefore allowing fans to build this strong and emotional bond with her that makes them comfortable enough to share deep thoughts like what they miss the most about someone they’ve lost. This is what Carmen DeLeon asked fans to do to help them express their feelings. The same way she was able to write down her feelings, she wanted fans to be able to have the same experience. “Writing it down is more natural and more genuine” says the artist.



“I do music to make people happy and to make people feel their feelings. And to live their feelings, you have to live them, you can’t just hide them” – Carmen DeLeon


Next for Carmen DeLeon is the upcoming and highly anticipated release of “Shake,” a collaboration alongside singer-songwriter Ne-Yo and L.L.A.M.A, music producer and DJ based off of a LEGO mini-figure.

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