Carmen DeLeon Reveals She Will Release Spanglish EP & Shares Details About Feid Collaboration “Juegas”

by Natasha Melina

Carmen DeLeon has spent her time in the studio and making music non-stop since she last stunned us with her melodic debut single “Volverás” which she released under Capitol Records


When Carmen isn’t in the studio creating new music, she’s singing covers of some of her favorite songs and artists including Camilo, Ozuna, and Halsey. Making covers is something that Carmen has done long before getting signed to Capitol Records and Universal Music Group



In a recent interview with Carmen, I asked her why it’s so important for her to stick to her roots and continue posting covers and her answer was genuine, “I just feel like I’ve always loved different artists, I don’t have one special artist that I listen to all the time so I always wanted to show people that I can sing different types of genres. I also just like making videos for fun. Every time I learn a new instrument, I want to play a song with it and when I signed to Capitol, they told me I should do more covers.”


Although recording covers is something that Carmen does for fun, she has recently been featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming film “Promising Young Woman” with her cover of The Crystals’ song “He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss.)”




Being that Carmen DeLeon has so many musical influences, I asked her how she would define her own sound to which she responded that it was difficult for her to find her own commercial sound. DeLeon shares “I’ve always sang soul, jazz, like super old music and kids our age don’t listen to that. I don’t know, maybe they do. As far as I know, they like listening to more commercial stuff so I try to make a combination of both. I grab the Latin root of mine and the soul and jazz and combine them.”


You can hear Carmen’s unique blend of music in her debut single “Volverás” as well as in her latest collaboration with Feid “Juegas.” Carmen DeLeon says that she wrote “Juegas” at 2 am, the very same day she met someone who she now considers to be her best friend. The chemistry between her and her best friend was strong as soon as they met and she wanted to capture that in a song. Much like with her debut single, “Juegas” can also easily be interpreted as a love song but you don’t need a pareja to feel love at first sight with Carmen’s music. She honors her friendships with her catchy tunes!



Carmen shared a few details of what went down behind the scenes on the set of the “Juegas” music video. She shared a fun fact about her classic pigtails look, saying that on the day of shooting the video, they were super heavy and at times she would lose her balance with one pigtail pulling her on one side and asking people on set to catch her!


DeLeon also says that Feid is so calm, meanwhile she is super hyper. They made a great duo, balancing each other out and feeding off of each other’s energies while working on the project. 



The “Juegas” music video was well thought out with all the visuals being chosen for a reason. Carmen wanted the vibe to be mysterious and unlike typical love stories. This is where the colors and the close-ups of the models touching each other come into play. It shows the chemistry between the pair as Carmen depicts with her lyrics.

Carmen DeLeon wants people to know that she makes music for herself. “I’m releasing music because it’s my passion. I don’t do it for applause, I don’t do it for fame. I really like being in the studio and being able to write whatever I feel or whatever is in my head.” With that being said, Carmen revealed that she’s working on a Spanglish EP that will come out in 2021!


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