Carmen DeLeon Talks Release of Latest Single “Volverás” and Collaborating with Grammy Award-Winning Producer Tainy

by Natasha Melina

Carmen DeLeon is a young Latina on the rise. Having recently been signed with Capitol Records and Universal Music Latin Entertainment, DeLeon has been showcasing her talent and music to the world. 

Before being signed with the labels, the now nineteen year old had originally risen to fame after starring on Spain’s edition of The Voice where all three coaches (David Bisbal, Rosario Flores, Manuel Carrasco) turned their chairs within seconds of hearing Carmen DeLeon’s impressive voice at the mere age of fifteen. 

Carmen DeLeon has come a long way since being on the stage of The Voice, she’s recently released her first single with Capitol Records, “Volverás” which was produced by one of the greatest producers of our generation, Tainy.


In this debut single, Carmen displays her incredible vocal presence alongside a classic reggaeton beat. Carmen DeLeon sings about something that everyone can relate to – relationships! It’s meant to be an empowering song that promotes self-love and self-worth. Regardless of whether you’ve had a friend or a partner who has lied to you and hurt you, this song will help you in your process of moving on.



During a recent press conference that Universal Music and °1824 held with Carmen DeLeon, we had the opportunity to talk to Carmen and ask “are there any fun or memorable behind the scenes moments you can tell us about recording the video for Volverás?” Carmen’s response was “it was really fun because the friends that are in the video with me are my real friends now but they weren’t at the moment. I was nervous because I didn’t know if we were going to be acting or if the video would be more natural. So when I initially went to meet them, nobody else was there. It was just them and they were sitting down on their phones.” DeLeon then told us that she had ecstatically shouted “hi” to the group and was worried that she had come off too strong. Since Carmen wanted the video to come out as natural as possible, she knew that the chemistry had to be there in order to deliver the best video possible to her fans. That’s when the bright idea of putting music on and making a TikTok together had occurred to her. All of them being dancers were so excited to create a TikTok together since it’s been such a huge trend recently. From that point on, they became friends and the video came out great!



The song has had much success since its release and it is a song that Carmen is very passionate about especially since she was able to collaborate with legendary producer, Tainy. Carmen told us about the exact moment that she was starstruck meeting the hitmaker for the very first time. She says that she is always outgoing and unfiltered but prepared to meet Tainy by telling herself to act chill and not to hug or kiss him. The moment she saw Tainy, she was across the room from him and DeLeon says “he was with his headphones, making his music and I was like from literally the other side of the room, ‘TAINY, TAINY, TAINY!’ and I took his headphones off.” Of course, DeLeon means this figuratively as Tainy took off his own headphones as a result of hearing his name being called numerous times. After grabbing his attention, DeLeon had enough chill left in her to seize the moment by asking Tainy to listen to her song. Overall, Carmen recalls the moment as an exciting one!

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