Chaz Cardigan Shows All His Colors in New EP “Holograma”

by Natasha Melina

Chaz Cardigan, born in Kentucky and based in Nashville is a wickedly talented alternative-pop artist. His love for music stems from listening to 90s pop music and seeing his sister play piano. From an early age, Chaz developed an interest for playing instruments and recording himself on a tape recorder.


Chaz has come a long way since his tape recorder days and is signed to Capitol Records and Loud Robot. He has had many hits like “As I’ll Ever Be” which is featured in Netflix’s To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. His single “Not OK!” which was released at the beginning of the year also found itself thriving, making it to #18 on the Billboard Alternative Airplay Chart. 



When asked how he compares Holograma to his past work such as his first record Vulnerabilia, he says that this project “is much more sure of itself”. Chaz truly cares about his fans’ experience listening to his music and shares that with Holograma, he made songs that he wishes he had heard as a teenager.


Holograma features songs that discuss sexuality, previous relationships, self-esteem, and more. These topics were important for Chaz to open up about because these are some of the most important themes in any young person’s life which means that these are issues that his fanbase would relate to and find comfort in. 



Chaz spoke on creating the artwork for his EP, and explained that “upon describing the EP to my team, I knew that I wanted to play with iridescent colors. When I think of all the songs on Holograma, I think of all the colors on the rainbow. It’s all about ideas shifting, perspectives changing, and when I think of that I think of holograms. It’s all about shifting, things becoming new things”.

Chaz says that his vision for Holograma is “to share really special moments with people through these songs. With whoever finds them, however they find them, I just really hope the songs are helpful in some way and that they let people feel their feelings.”

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