Clark Furlong Stars in Stephen King’s “Lisey’s Story” Following Success on HBO’s Hit Series “Euphoria”

by Natasha Melina

At only 14 years old, Clark Furlong has taken on huge roles from starring on Fox’s The Prodigal Son, The Rookie, and perhaps his most noteworthy role as young Jules on HBO’S Euphoria where Furlong plays the younger version of a transgender woman dealing with depression and suicide attempts. 


The actor has never shied away from a challenging role and his role on Euphoria was no different. Clark Furlong took on the role with a sense of maturity and the goal of bringing hope to other people who might relate to his character. With the passion he brought to the role to give the character life, his performance on the show was extremely moving and has since gained Furlong endless recognition.



He’s excited to share that he is now a part of Lisey’s Story, streaming on Apple TV+ as of June 4th. The thriller is based off of Stephen King’s best-selling novel by the same name and adapted by King himself. Lisey’s Story is about a widow going through her husband’s writing forcing her to face memories of her marriage that she’s blocked out. Furlong will be playing the husband’s older brother in flashbacks “that really help to build the tension of the story” as the young actor says. 


Clark Furlong says that although the role he played in Euphoria was a lot more emotional “this Stephen King role is really something else. I’ll tell you this, I spent two hours in the makeup chair before getting on set some days.” When speaking to Furlong about the project, it’s impossible to not notice the way his eyes light up and the excitement in his voice. Like many of us, Furlong has been a fan of King for much of his life. Furlong was able to meet him on the last day that he was going to be on set since he had gone to check out all the different sets being built. Furlong shares “meeting him was like seeing your favorite grandfather that you haven’t seen in a year and you just love them to death. He thanked me for being on his show and I thought I should be thanking you for letting me say hi!”



Lisey’s Story is now streaming on Apple TV+

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