Colombian artist, Isabella Gómez Giron, is part of the team of creatives reinventing theatre in a socially distanced world.

by Maria Isabelle + Sonia Cano


Colombian artist and NYU Tisch Alumni, Isabella Gómez Girón, presented, as an actor and producer, an innovative, spine-chilling virtual production of Macbeth, with artists broadcasting their performance from different parts of the world: South Korea, Hawaii, New York, California, Texas and more. Here is a clip.

Reimagining theater into a virtual experience while preserving the connection with other artists miles away was not a simple task, but through the use of camera angles, lights, music, the creative transformation of each artists’ home into their own set, the interactive pre-show and the passion of these artists, we created a unique virtual experience that lives between the worlds of streaming and theatre, maintaining the magic of live performances, while using the innovative elements that this visual medium offers. Shakespeare has survived more than 400 years; we believed his story could also surpass the limitations posed by this pandemic and it did!” (Isabella).

This special cut of Macbeth, centered around the witches, came to life with the desire to keep theatre alive, to connect through art and to offer a revitalizing experience during these tough times. The three uncanny witches took the audience on a journey that questioned our virtues, vices and explored the trust within our communities and leaders. Additionally they challenged gender binaries through the casting of women in traditionally male roles. Ed Eaton, professional director with credits in the East and West Coast of the U.S and in Hawaii, along with Sonny Fotso-Chinjé, a Cameroonian-American multidisciplinary artist, directed this project, featuring multiple NYU Tisch Alumni.


Using Zoom’s layout in their favor, each character has a particular frame that they inhabit on the screen and each space becomes a reflection of each one’s inner world. . .  The production is clearly aware of the opportunities that this platform provides and even expands on the characters of the three witches. The darkly red Luxuria, played by Isabella Gómez; the white-clad and deceivingly innocent Avaritia, played by Stephanie Cha; and Ira, played by Chloe Citron, who is always surrounded in shadows, are three well developed characters that truly surpassed my expectations. These three witches deserve their own play wreaking havoc on mere mortals. This production is a solid exploration of Shakespeare’s original during the time of the pandemic.(Juan Recondo – Adjunct Professor at the City University of New York and New York University. His main fields of research are Latinx and Latin American Theatre and Performance, Black Cinema, and Postcolonial Theory.) 

This production led to an unexpected boom in Isabella’s career; she got her first feature article in the renowned Colombian newspaper El Heraldo, and the magazine La Revista Actual. She also made her debut on Colombian TV news channels: RCN, Cable Noticias, Red+ Noticias, Canal 2, and City TV. You can watch this content on Isabella’s facebook page @gomezgironisabella

This barranquillera, “nueva promesa de la actuación” (La Revista Actual), is now working on a new project with iD Studio Theatre, a company committed to the cultural enrichment of the Latino immigrant community through the performing arts. She will be starring in their new play Cirineo, under the direction of the renowned Colombian actor German Jaramillo, who recently performed in Lincoln Center, and previously won best actor from the Organizacion Hispana de Actores Latinos. The creative team includes the world-class musician duo: Polly Ferman and Daniel Binelli, the Colombian arranger and composer Pablo Mayor, and the choreographer, dancer, previously member of the Limon Dance Company, Daniel Fetecua.


This new play is filled with milongas, singing and tango dancing. It also combines film and theatre: Ferman and Binelli, aside from composing part of the music, act in the play as well, and will be pre-recording their performances from Spain. These will be streamed on multiple projectors at the theatre space in NYC where the rest of the cast, (German Jaramillo, Daniel Fetecua, Oscar Antonio Rodriguez and Isabella) will be performing live.

Information on performance dates for 2021 are soon to come. Stay posted by following @isabellagomezg on instagram and facebook @gomezgironisabella, and iD Studio Theater.


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