Duncan Laurence’s Debut Album “Small Town Boy” is Out Now! Here’s What He Wants You to Know

by Natasha Melina

Dutch singer-songwriter, Duncan Laurence has had a lot of success since his career first took off after his victory in European talent competition, Eurovision


Since then, Duncan’s songs have accumulated over 300 million global streams with hits like “Arcade” which is featured on the album. The single has even found a home on TikTok where Harry Potter fans have created a trend which starred the song. I recently had a chance to speak with Duncan at his press conference hosted by °1824 and Capitol Records and could not pass up the opportunity to ask him about this new trend. Laurence said “it’s so crazy, I must say I live for Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter, the books, the films, everything. That song being used by all the Potterheads is amazing. It was a song that did so well in Europe and seeing it do well on other sides of the world is incredible. I’m really thankful for Harry Potter fans and the cast for using ‘Arcade’ as the sound [on TikTok].”



In regards to his version of the TikTok trend, Duncan Laurence shares, “I did really want to nail these. I wanted them to be funny. I really just wanted it to be me. I wanted it to show who I am and as I said I’m a big Harry Potter fan.”


Duncan Laurence also shared his deeper sentiments about the debut album “Small Town Boy”. If you’re curious to know why he titled it as such, Duncan opened up about his personal experiences, “I always felt comfortable the most when I was locked in my room and played piano. Especially after Eurovision when I went to all different cities and countries I’ve never visited before and all of a sudden I was famous. It was such a nice adventure. It felt like that ‘small town boy’ was still inside of me.” As a matter of fact, Duncan says that he will never let go of the small town boy inside of him because it makes him who he is. He takes all his personal experiences including the negative experiences he has had like the childhood bullies and other hardships and combines it with his artistic imagination to make something ‘beautiful out of it. Duncan Laurence makes music that his fanbase and other listeners discovering him can relate to.


From the start, Duncan had a clear vision of what he wanted “Small Town Boy”. He says throughout the process of making this album, I experienced more freedom in music than ever before. I was able to write, produce and arrange my own music. Each song opens a window into my life and tells my own story. Creating this album allowed me to grow as a person and learn more about myself and who I want to be as a musician. It is a dreamy, raw and poppy invitation into my world – really everything I could ever wish for in my first album.”



As Duncan himself says, his debut album “Small Town Boy” is a passage into his life. I was curious to know which track off of the album he feels best represents the current version of himself and Duncan Laurence wearing his heart on his sleeve answered, “I’m going to be honest, it’s not because the song is my favorite. It’s because right now I relate most to the lyrics. The song is ‘Beautiful’ and that’s because during these times I’ve been focusing so much on the people that know me. I think it’s important in these times to stay in touch with loved ones anyway we can. To stay connected with the people we really love that we connect with on another level and ‘Beautiful’ describes that for me especially during quarantine.”


As you can imagine, Duncan Laurence is excited to have released his debut album so that his fans can get to know him on a more personal level. 


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