El Micha Decides it’s the Right Moment to Address Cuba’s Issues with “Un Sueño (Cuba Grita Libertad)”

by Natasha Melina

Born in Havana, El Micha has grown to be one of the most influential and respected Cuban artists in the industry. Known for big hits like “Suma y Resta” alongside Gilberto Santa Rosa and the unique rasp in his voice, El Micha has released “Fiesta” and “Un Sueño” back to back.

With a strong effort to bring happiness to his audience, El Micha premiered his new single and music video to “Fiesta” which as the title says is a complete party song. He figured since we can’t go to parties, why not bring the party to us! Not only is it a feel good song but the underlying message is a great one, encouraging women empowerment. For those of you who need some alegría in your lives, this song is a major win.



On a much more serious note, El Micha being the proud Cuban that he is has always been questioned about when he would “break his silence” and talk about the ongoing issues in Cuba.  Responding to this, El Micha shares “I’m not used to being told what to do. I’ve always done things my way.” 


On his own terms, he’s released “Un Sueño (Cuba Grita Libertad),” addressing the difficulties that people are facing living in Cuba. El Micha says he just felt like it was the right moment, feeling a strong obligation to his people, he just went for it without hesitation. Speaking more to that, he tells us “it was the right moment because with each day, the situation worsens. My entire family is in Cuba which is why I’m so conscious of what’s going on there. It gets worse and harder in Cuba everyday. That’s why I felt it was the right moment, I made the song and the video, and quietly released it without making an announcement.” While writing the song, the lyrics came rather quickly to the Cuban artist who says he simply told the truth.



The song has sent waves through the music industry as El Micha’s powerful lyrics paint a clear picture of the hardships faced in Cuba as well as a dream the artist had where he had complete control over the country ending hunger and providing for his people. A simple black and white video is all that was needed to show the crude emotion El Micha feels while talking about Cuba in “Un Sueño (Cuba Grita Libertad).”

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