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John Cabarga's resume contains a diverse assortment of identities -Chivas Regal Brand Ambassador, DJ (since before it was cool), 305 Dignitary, 80’s kid and Cookie Monster splitting his time between NYC, Chicago and Miami.

While we’ll admit we don’t know much about John’s passion for cookies, we have seen the brand ambassador in action. As a marketer for the  blended Scotch whisky, John’s duties include educating consumers on the brand through events and  strategic partnerships in the Latino community.  The job requires a 24-7 always-on attitude and a strong passion for the brand, which John effortlessly brings to the table as he works to create memorable experiences through events under the Chivas Brotherhood umbrella of events at various nightspots in select cities.

When asked how his background and passion for dj’ing translates into his role as an ambassador, John is quick to mention the idea of experiences. He firmly believes that scotch is best enjoyed in a manner in which the drinker finds comfortable. It’s not about the whisky being served neat or at room temperature, it’s about good company and creating memorable experience with good company. He approaches his branded events in a similar fashion. While the event attendees may not remember all the specifics of the whisky they’re tasting, John is certain the culmination of the music, whisky cocktails and company will create a positive memory that the consumer readily associates with the Chivas brand. This approach has already started to bear fruit as the brand is gaining strong traction among the Latino consumer. Clearly, John has a strong mastery of whisky and marketing! Be sure to signup to see John in action at various Chivas Brotherhood events at www.chivasbrotherhood.com.


Words by Erik Zambrano


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