Gotay Dedicates His New Single “Bellaqueo” to Anyone that Says Reggaeton is Dying

by Natasha Melina

From humble beginnings giving his music away for free to now working with the biggest names in the Latin industry, Gotay el Autentiko continues to amaze us by turning everything he touches into a smash hit.


With over 10 years in the music business under his belt, Gotay is a seasoned and well-versed industry professional. Not only is he an amazing artist but he is also an award-winning producer and sound engineer. This past week, Gotay has been awarded with three ASCAP awards for his work with Ozuna on his album ENOC  as well as Ozuna’s feature on The Black Eyed Peas latin inspired album Translation



After putting in a lot of work these past couple of years, Gotay proudly shares that new doors have been opening up for him on a global level. He will be releasing his highly anticipated album in these upcoming months. The album will show off his versatility featuring ballads, trap, and reggaeton. He’s also working on self-titled project Dimelo Gotay where he will develop talent including artists and producers. 



Using music to teleport us to the past, Gotay has released his new single “Bellaqueo” with a feature from Juanka. Everything about the song will make you feel like you’re back in the early 2000s bumping the track as loud as you can in your car. Those were good times but even better is feeling the nostalgia that comes with the song. Gotay is very intentional with the message he wants the song to convey, “it’s a bellaqueo for those people that say reggaeton is dying. I decided to hit them with the original recipe.”


A collaboration between Gotay and Juanka has been sought-after by fans of the two artists for years. During our recent interview, Gotay reveals why it was finally the perfect time. “We’ve had a great friendship for many years but we’ve never had the opportunity to agree on the perfect track to make a viral hit. Juanka loved ‘Bellaqueo’ as soon as I sent him the chorus and the beat with DJ Urba and Well who produced it along with Hyde el Quimico who mixed it in Wisin’s studio which we ended up stealing for a few hours to get the song mixed.”



The track is different to some of the other songs he’s put out like his ballad “Como Antes” and reggaeton “Más De Ti” featuring Wisin and Ozuna. The collaboration between Gotay and the two industry giants came together flawlessly. Gotay had already been working with Wisin on “Gistro Amarillo” where he had a hand in production and wrote a part in the chorus. He thought that if Wisin hopped on “Más De Ti,” it would be a hit. Wisin was immediately interested and after Ozuna heard it, he also wanted to join the collaboration. Having grown up on artists like Wisin y Yandel, Gotay expresses that it’s a huge accomplishment to have a song with Wisin and Ozuna.

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