Grammy-Award Winner Maffio’s Debut Album “TumbaGobierno” Is Making a BOOM!

by Natasha Melina

Maffio’s career first started in 2008 when he had his first hit record with “Mi Alma Se Muere” which brought together three global stars with unique sounds, Fuego, Pitbull, and Omega. This record was only the beginning for Maffio. The following year the Dominican artist and producer made another hit record with Fuego and Omega titled “Super Estrella” which is another classic hit that still gets played today.


Fast forward to today in 2020, Maffio has just released his debut album TumbaGobierno featuring various artists including Nicky Jam, Akon, Justin Quiles, Dalex, and JenCarlos Canela, among many more. For those wondering what the title “TumbaGobierno” actually means, no it’s not a diss to the government. Maffio confirmed that for us! A tumba gobierno is actually a homemade firecracker that is common in Dominican Republic. The title suits the album because the entire album is bursting with great songs and collaborations.



TumbaGobierno is a fifteen track album and they’re all so uniquely different when it comes to the sound, genre, and message. When talking to Maffio about how the album is so inclusive of different beats and melodies, he said “there has to be a color for every taste.” He’s aware that different people like different sounds and not everyone might relate to every track off of the album but there is definitely something for everyone. Maffio says “I put a lot of work into it, I love what I do. My sole purpose is always going to be to give people transcending music where 20 years from now, you’ll be like woah what the hell was he on that year.”


One of the featured tracks on the album is “Uchi Wala” alongside Nicky Jam and Akon which has a very friendly and inviting sound to it as well as the message which is to leave your stress and worries behind. 



When Maffio first started the process of creating this track, he knew he wanted Akon on it but Nicky Jam was a special addition. The message is crucial especially during these tough times so Uchi Wala mi gente! 


Maffio spoke about behind the scenes of shooting the official music video to Uchi Wala and says the video was directed by Roxana Baldovin. The artist says this was his first time working with a female director and it was incredible. Popular Dominican director, Jessy Terrero also contributed to the making of the music video. Maffio also played a role in the creative vision including the colors and the crispness of the video. 



With the song being so positive and powerful, Maffio knew that he had to include his two daughters, Marley and Presley in the music video. Marley can be seen dancing while Presley is swaddled by her loving father, Maffio. He jokingly said, “I’ve got to make sure that I set their career so that when Marley’s a superstar or Presley is, she’ll be like my first video I was five months old.”

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