Hozwal Se Puso Pa’ La Calle with “Givenchy Remix” and “A.V.G”

by Natasha Melina

After the successful year that Hozwal has had this past 2020 with viral hits including “Cual De Los Dos” featuring Jay Wheeler, “El Si Tu No” with Nio Garcia, and “Mango” alongside Jon Z, his career and music has skyrocketed to new levels reaching listeners all across the globe. 


Hozwal isn’t one to stay constrained within a particular sound or genre, he makes the music that comes to him which is a huge factor of his versatility as an artist. Conceptualizing and arranging his projects is something that the Puerto Rican artist goes into with precision and deep thought. In a recent interview with Hozwal, he shares that his recent EP “Los de la Burla” embraces who he is and the fact that he is urban. Much like himself, the EP is multifaceted with a little something for everyone. The street sound that fans have come to expect from him make up the record while also having softer notes and cleaner lyrics. Hozwal says he did this to satisfy “las babies” as he calls his female listeners. All of his fans have shown their endless support for “Los de la Burla” and have been left wanting more.



 The EP followed the major hit that was Hozwal’s “Givenchi,” a track that hit millions of views quickly on Youtube and became a fan favorite. After its release and rise to success, listeners endlessly requested a remix to the song and Hozwal is a man of his people so he gave them just that. “When it comes to making my music, I’m very jealous. I sit down and make my songs, I listen to them, and think about who might fit well with a song. You can’t pressure things, what’s meant to happen will happen” says Hozwal.


The remix which has taken off features Kevvo, Brray, and Marconi Impara. The fans have given the most positive support and can’t stop singing their praises to the remix which does not go unnoticed by the artist. He says the public has given immense support not just to this single but to all my music.”



Hozwal’s latest drop is “A.V.G” which is an acronym for “Aqui se Vive Guerreando.” Having only been released two weeks ago, the song has surpassed millions of views across all digital streaming platforms proving that Hozwal always knows what his fans want. According to him, the track is inspired by the vibe of American music that he and so many other Spanish speakers enjoy. He says he wanted to capture the vibe and put it in Spanish for everyone who enjoys the concept but doesn’t understand it in English. It’s definitely a fierce street song that will have you feeling like your baddest self.



Reflecting on what 2020 was for him during our conversation, Hozwal got real with me and said everything is a process. People don’t see everything that happens behind the scenes, the sacrifices, the hard work. You feel happy when you see the work paying off and delivering results, that’s why we keep working. I’m so happy with everything that is happening. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and I always try to find the positive in a bad situation. Although the pandemic affected many things, it gave me the position to quickly grow with my music and career. I’m grateful for everything that happened in 2020 and grateful for this new year, we have big projects coming this year.” One of the things that Hozwal wants the most is to put on shows and concerts for his fans so he can feel their warmth and energy and he wants all of us front and center when it happens!

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