Jay Menez Takes the Reggaeton World by Storm with New Collaboration “Cuando Bebe” featuring Myke Towers, De La Ghetto, & Lyanno

by Natasha Melina

Jay Menez is the young Dominican artist taking over everything from Times Square to the hottest editorial playlists. His melodic voice and humility as well as his manager Kingz Daddy has him collaborating with reggaeton and trap’s hottest artists including Rauw Alejandro, Arcangel, and Cazzu. In his most recent release “Cuando Bebe,” Menez teams up with Hear This Music and reggaeton all-stars Myke Towers, De La Ghetto, and Lyanno. 


“Cuando Bebe” presents the eclectic vocals of distinguished artists whose voices complement one another in this song about a woman freely expressing her sexuality when she goes out and drinks. Since its release last month, the popular song has garnered nearly ten million views on Youtube and much more attention across all streaming platforms. Previous to its premiere, Jay Menez shares that the song was tucked away for two years and was first presented to Myke Towers who immediately hopped on and later De La Ghetto and Lyanno joined, making it the perfect collaboration.



Menez’s rise to success has been grand and seemingly quick, I caught up with the young star to talk about the beginning of his career as well as all his projects. Music is something that came natural to Jay Menez, he took an interest at a young age where he would be in the schoolyard freestyling with his friends. He says he was the one to throw down the beat. With a growing passion, Menez decided to take music more seriously and began writing songs although he would never finish them, leaving him with an intro and a chorus.


The reggaeton artist shares that he eventually started getting the hang of it and realized that the beat isn’t the only important part of a song. “If you’re going to sing about love, heartbreak, or whatever, you want people to understand and relate to the sentiment of the song and to enjoy the concept,” says Menez.



As a young artist from a small town in Dominican Republic called Jarabacoa, Menez admits that he didn’t expect to be where he is today. He shares, “coming from a small town in Dominican Republic, these things don’t happen.” 



Since signing with Kingz Daddy, Jay Menez says that his career did a complete 360 and has changed in ways that he could have never even imagined. The pair met at a festival where Menez opened up for none other than Bad Bunny and fellow Dominican artist, Don Miguelo. Jay Menez shares the importance of providing quality work even prior to being signed. At the festival where his current manager first approached him, Menez presented himself just as big name artists do, he brought along dancers, a backup singer, and even his own disc jockey. 


With big collaborations under his belt, this is only the beginning for reggaeton superstar Jay Menez.

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