Jose Cuervo & Film Director Santiago Maza Team Up to Bring Us Documentary “Todavía Después” Highlighting Día de Muertos Traditions

by Natasha Melina

Every year Jose Cuervo, a Mexican family-owned brand sets forth to find and capture different traditions that are practiced throughout Mexico for Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). This year is no different, the popular tequila brand continues to stay true to their roots by sharing authentic Día de Muertos traditions and stories through the art of film.


Jose Cuervo now presents us with a new documentary, Todavía Después, which gives viewers an inside look at how the town of Pomuch, Mexico celebrates the holiday. 


The documentary, Todavía Después was directed by award-winning Santiago Maza Stern who during an interview, spoke to me more in depth about the Mayan traditions that are explored within the film. Audiences will be able to see how locals perform the Mayan ritual of cleaning and caring for their loved ones’ skeletons. In Pomuch, this ritual is very important to locals due to their belief that after passing away, the body is still able to see and feel. 


Director: Santiago Maza Stern

Director: Santiago Maza Stern


Since the documentary is based around traditions of Día de Muertos, I was curious to know what some of director Santiago Maza’s favorite traditions and memories of the holiday are. Maza told me that one of his favorite traditions was always decorating the altar with photos and adding his own touch like a book he would want his loved one to read. 



Todavía Después recently premiered at the San Diego International Film Festival, something that Santiago shares he and his entire team are incredibly proud of. He says that they plan on taking Todavía Después to more screens, festivals, and audiences both in the United States and internationally. For Santiago, having the story travel is something that he loves so that he can hear what different audiences take away from the film.

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