JP Shares Valuable Message about Upcoming Album “Renovación” featuring Collaborations with Darell and Ñengo Flow

by Natasha Melina

Having kicked off his musical career in Cuba, JP El Bendecido is now finding success in reggaeton on a global scale. Hailing from Cuba influences not only his person but his music as well, incorporating Cuban beats in hit songs like “Madam” featuring Darell or “Addición” alongside Ñengo Flow. 


JP proudly represents Cuba and praises the island’s culture sharing that there is plenty of music and incredible artists in his country. We’re musicians from birth, we grow up in a very cool culture where in Cuba even kids play cans as drums.” Born with rhythm and music flowing through him, JP has always had his mind set on being a musician.



It has been five years since JP has decided to launch his solo career. Formerly part of a duo in Cuba, making the transition was difficult but well worth it for the artist. Not only did he have to overcome obstacles to transition into being a solo artist but he made the move to the U.S. which is another challenge in itself. JP says “it’s a very difficult process. It’s a process of adapting and changing. But God was with me and has been with me every step of the way. I think all artists that come from other countries can relate to me when I say it’s a unique experience, you have to find yourself and it was hard but once you do it, it’s rewarding. It’s been one of the best things to happen in my life.” 


In anticipation of his upcoming album “Renovación,” JP has strategically been releasing single after single to give fans a taste of what’s to come of the new album. JP kicked things off with the release of “Madam” featuring Darell because he knew that he had something special and believed it would have the success that it’s since had with nearly 10 million views on Youtube alone. Following up the global hit was “Te Confieso,” where JP shows off his vocals in more of a romantic reggaeton. Circling back to how it all started, JP premiered “Addición” with his good friend and colleague Ñengo Flow who he worked with a lot during his earlier days. 



It’s important to JP to share the meaning of “Renovación” with his audience in hopes that they take away a meaningful message. He shares, “I previously lived a different life, not only as a person but as an artist. I had different perspectives than I do now. To renovate is to try to better yourself constantly. To leave the bad behind that is holding you back from your dreams. Everyday you wake up is a new opportunity. Now truthfully, we’re making a dope album featuring international collaborations. We’re really happy with what we’re doing.”


JP and his music has become a trending topic amidst the pandemic. Coming in full force with great music and positive vibes, listeners can connect to what the artist is all about and enjoy his music at the same time.

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