Kjersti Long is “Not Your Princess” & Wants Everyone to Know

by Natasha Melina

Born into a musical family, Kjersti Long realized her talent at an early age. At only 14 years old, Long has played the most iconic rock venues across the country including The Apollo, House of Blues, The Stone Pony, and The Delancey. 


The singer-songwriter has been heavily involved in musical theater throughout most of her life thanks to her dad’s side of the family. She says “when I was little, they would get me to play the younger roles so I was raised in musical theater.” The experience has influenced the artist in her life and musical career, allowing her to develop her skills and confidence early on. 



Kjersti Long has since found her own voice and sound. She’s a young pop-rock star on the rise and isn’t afraid to show it. Long’s latest original single “Not Your Princess” holds a powerful statement that many young women can relate to. The singer shares the inspiration behind the song, “everybody kept calling me princess. My dad does it, I had a teacher who did it, and I really didn’t like that. I don’t want to be anybody’s princess.” Long created the song to poke fun at the issue but at the same time was also able to get her point across. 

After her  release of “Not Your Princess,” Long released a cover of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.” She was inspired after her dad took her to see the movie centered on the band’s biggest hits “Yesterday.” It was her dad who suggested she pick a song from the movie to do a cover on and right away Kjersti knew it had to be “Eleanor Rigby” since she had the lyrics stuck in her head. The process of recreating the song with her own twist on it was fun as Long was able to modernize the instrumental and have it better fit her personality.

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