Kris Floyd, One of NEON16’s Promising Young Talents Spoke to Us About His NEW Song “Cero”

by Natasha Melina

Kris Floyd who is one of the young talents under famous producer, Tainy’s record label, NEON16, spoke to us about what life has been like for him since signing with the label.

Kris Floyd has been working in the studio non-stop to produce new content for all of his fans and adding to his collection of hits is his latest song “Cero” which drops today (August 3rd). Like with all Floyd’s music, his lyrics are real and relatable. What you can take away from “Cero” is that you need to be cautious of who you let around you and protect yourself from those who will act friendly to your face but turn around and talk bad about you.

Kris Floyd has obviously worked hard on surrounding himself by great people which is why he only had positive things to say about his label. He says, “the team at NEON16 is on the same frequency as me, working with the same hunger. It feels good to have a team who is like me and who is willing to work hard for me just as I’m willing to work hard for them.” 

To think that for Kris Floyd, this all started as a great friendship on the basketball court with Tainy. Now, Kris Floyd is one of Latin music’s hottest new artists. With a broad skill set, Floyd is an incredible songwriter, performer, and producer as well! 


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