Matias Debuts New Bachata Track “Porque Amor” & Talks About His Transition to Spanish Music

by Natasha Melina

In a recent interview with upcoming Colombian artist Matias, he walks us through his music journey from singing in diapers to recently releasing his latest single and music video for “Porque Amor.” 


A dream that first started when Matias was seven years old running around imitating the singing frog from the Looney Tunes cartoons has now transformed into his career. The artist shares that pursuing music comes naturally since music has always been a part of him.



Matias spent most of this past year in Colombia which was a defining time for him as he came to the realization of the path he wants to take as an artist. This led Matias to making the recent transition of creating music in Spanish. He says learning Spanish and being able to sing with it has been a challenge but has also been great because it allowed him to connect with his Colombian roots.


Diving into discussing Matias’ new single “Porque Amor” was quite interesting since it’s the second track that he has released in Spanish and has a different sound than we’re used to hearing from the young artist. 



Matias shares that “Porque Amor,” which is a bachata track, came to him as a love song but also as a track that he wants everyone to be able to relate to. The singer-songwriter says “I think everyone at some point in time has gone through a challenge in a relationship and the song is about trying to find a way to save that relationship or overcome the obstacles with love.” For Matias, the process of writing the song and filming the music video was interesting. With bachata having a deep rooted history of being about both love and passion, Matias says he wanted the video to be simple yet powerful which was conveyed very well throughout the video which features a beautifully gifted dancer and Matias pouring his emotions out on the table. 

Matias spoke about what it’s like to produce a bachata track and music centered on love during times where reggaeton and perreo are dominating the airwaves. Matias says “I feel like it’s needed and we are seeing a small resurgence of it, if you look at artists like Camilo who released a trap-bachata track. I love reggaeton and urbano music but I love to try different things and combine genres.” Matias did just that with “Porque Amor,” combining a classic bachata melody while throwing in some notes of pop as well and putting his own spin on it.


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