Mucho Mucho Amor Filmmakers, Kareem Tabsch & Alex Fumero talk Working Alongside Walter Mercado

by Natasha Melina

On July 8th, the Netflix Gods graced us with an incredible documentary about the Puerto Rican astrologer, Walter Mercado, and the life he lived both on and off the screen. Meet the creators behind the film !!!



(Left to Right: Kareem Tabsch, Cristina Constantini, & Alex Fumero. Center: Walter Mercado)


In an interview with Kareem Tabsch and Alex Fumero, we got to talking about what the filmmaking process was like for them as filmmakers but also as longtime Walter Mercado fans. They knew that this was a story that needed to be told and that many needed to hear since Walter brought so much joy to so many lives even when he himself was going through difficult times. 


Alex and Kareem shared with us some incredible behind the scenes stories that you don’t get to see in the film like how they would secretly try on all of Walter’s best capes in his San Juan home as well as how they got to meet Walter’s friends at a tea party and tried to get the answers to those questions that many ache to know (Walter’s friends were unbreakable). 

We talked about it all from the special appearances made by celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Eugenio Derbez to how hard it was for Walter to open up about some of the tougher moments he’s experienced.

And if you haven’t seen the film yet, it’s on Netflix now so throw on your best Walter inspired outfit and enjoy!!!

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