Nuevo Elemento Celebrate the Release of “Mía” and their Upcoming EP

by Natasha Melina

Making history as the first regional Mexican boyband is the group Nuevo Elemento. Recently nominated for two Premios Juventud awards in the categories “New Generation-Regional Mexican” and “Best Mariachi-Ranchera” for their hit song “No Andes Con Nadie,” they are celebrating a successful year.

After being crowned the winners of the California based show “Tengo Talento, Much Talento,” Nuevo Elemento have found themselves growing in international popularity for their mariachi-ranchera style music. As a new group, they are already topping the charts, ranking “Top 35 of the Regional Mexican Billboards in the United States.”



Their latest release “Mia” has quickly gained the attention of listeners bringing the track to well over a million streams on all platforms. The song comes months after their initial release of “No Andes Con Nadie,” which debuted upon them winning “Tengo Talento, Much Talento.”

“Mia” marks a new chapter for the band as they welcome new band member Bebo into the Nuevo Elemento family. It’s important to them to stay true to their Mexican heritage and continue “defending Mexican regional music” as lead vocalist Danny puts it. Together they plan on releasing tons of new music as well as an upcoming EP!

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