Otto Botté Shares the Meaning Behind His New Track “Humbara”

by Natasha Melina

Otto Botté is a Colombian artist, known for his work as a songwriter and sound engineer. He first made his debut as a solo artist in 2017 and has recently released his fourth track titled “Humbara.”


Growing up in Colombia has had a heavy influence on Botté’s musical career. Everything from the culture and the music has helped mold him into the artist that he is today. But the impact of being a young child growing up in South America went further than that, Otto shares that “it made me dream bigger.” Because pursuing a career in music felt so unattainable, he was allowed to have a dream that felt bigger than him.



Otto Botté was a fifteen year old in junior high school when he realized that music was the path he wanted to pursue in life. He tells me that he was one of those kids that would bang beats on the desk throughout class because he couldn’t get the music out of his head.


Although he was unsure of how to chase his dream, he knew it was something that he had to do because it would provide him a sense of fulfillment. 


Life started to change for the artist when his dad decided to move their family to the states. Since then, Botté shares that he has drawn a lot of inspiration from living in the United States, specifically New York City. 



His latest song “Humbara” fuses different sounds and genres that he’s been introduced to both in Colombia and New York. Botté himself says that the song’s sound is inspired by the 70s golden age era, funk, salsa, and merengue. Behind the track is a meaningful story for Otto that we were fortunate enough for him to share. The song was originally created four years ago and was the first song that the artist produced on his own. Botté says “I was single then and the only thing I felt I could confidently write about was my relationship with God, so I wrote a song to him. Last year, I fell in love with someone and the more I heard this song, the more I felt God’s love in my relationship and how it constantly felt like He was singing this song back to me.” 


Otto Botté says that it’s been a long journey but every year holds a new surprise. He also shares that this year, he will be releasing new music and more music videos so be on the lookout for some more wholesome and feel good music!


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