Outer Banks Star Julia Antonelli Talks About Action Packed Season 2

by Natasha Melina

Julia Antonelli is known for her roles on Nickelodeon’s “Every Witch Way,” “W.I.T.’s Academy,” and now her role as Wheezie Cameron on Netflix’s popular series Outer Banks.

The hit series takes place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and follows a group of teenagers referred to as The Pogues on their journey to find the missing father of John B, the group’s leader.

Antonelli’s character is Wheezie Cameron, daughter of Ward Cameron who is the series’ main villain. Wheezie is known for being a meddling younger sister to Sarah Cameron and goes out of her way to involve herself in her sister’s and her friend’s lives.



Excited that the second season has been released, Julia Antonelli talks about the character development with Wheezie. In the first season she’s more of a snitch and the age difference between her and Sarah is more obvious. Throughout the second season, Antonelli’s character matures and meddles less. She also is a lot more concerned with helping out her sister rather than trying to get her into trouble. Antonelli’s portrayal of Wheezie is incredible as the character begins to grow on audiences as she gets to be more likable.

With the second season, the plot thickens and the show is much more action packed as the story continues to develop. Secrets are revealed and we’re introduced to new characters. The show is sure to leave you with your mouth on the floor!

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