Priscilla Block Shines in Body-Positive Music Video “Thick Thighs”

by Natasha Melina

Priscilla Block is an unapologetic country singer-songwriter who lives her life not caring what people think and makes music with the same attitude. 


Priscilla has had much success since she first started gaining recognition on TikTok for novelty songs she would write and post clips of her singing like “PMS”. If you can’t tell by the title, Block wrote the comical song about the pains of having premenstrual syndrome, something that most women can relate to. 



After making chart-topping hit song “Just About Over You”, Priscilla Block now finds herself signed by Universal Music Group Nashville. The country singer has just released a new music video to her song “Thick Thighs” directed by Logen Christopher



The video is Block’s way of standing up against all the haters who ever told her that she would have to change her physical appearance in order to make it in the music industry. Priscilla Block shares what she wants fans to take away from the video, “I hope that this video makes you know that you are MORE than enough,” says Priscilla. “I spent so many years of my life, nitpicking every part of my body. I’m the girl that has tried and failed every single diet out there… ESPECIALLY THROUGH QUARANTINE!! One thing I know is that life is short. Eat the damn fries… wear the bikini… and twerk in the kiddie pools!”


Priscilla’s carefree and powerful attitude is truly something to admire. You’ll be hearing plenty more from Priscilla Block, as she’s currently working on recording new music for her debut project alongside Mercury Nashville / InDent Records.

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