Ron Viejo de Caldas & Aguardiente Cristal Present First-Ever Fall Masquerade Networking Event hosted by Chef Papi and Mixx by Ed

by Natasha Melina

To kick off this Fall season, Royal Wine, the distribution company for Ron Viejo de Caldas and Aguardiente Cristal, created a one of a kind networking event with the help of New York’s famous Chef Papi and Mixx by ED 

Helena Hernandez- Brand Manager, Stephen “Chef Papi” Rodriguez and Cristal Aguardiente Cristal Brand Amassador

The event took place at one of New York City’s hottest restaurants, Luxor which is home to Chef Papi Kitchens. The Fall Masquerade was an exclusive invite-only event for big brands and talents to get to mingle and enjoy signature cocktails courtesy of Ron Viejo de Caldas and Aguardiente Cristal made by an expert mixologist, Mixx By Ed



The Fall Cocktail menu included “Witches Brew Martini” a creamy holiday drink made with Aguardiente Cristal. And my personal favorite, the “Rum Pumpkin Martini” which starred Ron Viejo de Caldas mixed with pumpkin and cinnamon syrup as well as freshly squeezed lemon juice topped off with a cinnamon stick garnish, definitely photo worthy! 


       Helene Hernandez -Brand Manager, Jose Bello- Sales, & Jocelyn Mendez- VP of Marketing Royal wine 

Accompanying the delicious Fall-themed cocktails were plenty of mouthwatering appetizers to choose from thanks to Chef Papi, Chef David, and Citi Chef. If you were there, it was impossible to stop at just a couple of these appetizers especially when each of these chefs brings their own special flavors and skills to the table *pun intended*.

Natasha Melina and Citi Chef 

Helene Hernandez-Brand Manager & Chef Dave 

Chef Papi offered up some of his special Dominican style sushi and pizza while Chef David made some delicious fried arroz moro balls topped with the tastiest braised oxtail meat to tie in his own Dominican culture to the dish, and Citi Chef had the best chopped cheese empanadas that left you wanting more!



One of the best parts about the culinary experience was that it was interactive. Chef Papi taught a lucky few people how to roll sushi and plate it!


Jocelyn Mendez- VP Marketing Royal Wine & Chef Papi

Meanwhile, Mixxed by Ed was over at the bar allowing some of his guests to make naranjilla flavored mojitos with Aguardiente Cristal and Ron Viejo de Caldas. It was a great experience for all who were fortunate enough to be there. 



As much fun as enjoying a few cocktails and appetizers were, there was so much more to enjoy at the Fall Masquerade. 



For those who opted for something other than a delectable cocktail, we were so thankful to have Don Carvajal Cafe join us and allow us to experience their coffee made from delicious beans coming from different countries including Colombia, Brazil, and Dominican Republic.



Dreamy Event Decor, a Latina owned family business run by Katherine Mota also joined us and brought us an entire experience! Those in attendance of the Fall Masquerade were able to create their own candle with the help of the Dreamy family and while they waited for their candles to settle, they were able to enjoy surprise performances by Mariachi Real de Mexico’s Ramon Ponce, Notch who is famous for big hits like “Dale Pa Tra” and who’s music is essential to the reggaeton genre, and American Idol Top 20 Finalist known as Bumbly. This was not a night that you would want to forget and that’s why Mirror Me Photo Booth was there to help guests commemorate the night with photos that they easily printed or emailed to them.


There’s no doubt that the room was filled with talent, Kelvin Ventura of AfroDominican Band, Grammy Nominated Recording Artist Miss Ya Ya, Ramon Ponce bandleader of Mariachi Real de Mexico, and Bumbly American Idol Top 20 finalist and International Recording Artist Notch!

To say that the first annual Fall Masquerade was a success would be an understatement. The chefs, mixologists, vendors, and performers all delivered such an incredible experience. This event could not be possible without Ron Viejo de Caldas, Aguardiente Cristal, Chef Papi Kitchens, and Mixx by ED 

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