Saint Bodhi is Everyone’s Favorite Artist & Therapist

by Natasha Melina

Born and bred in South Central, Saint Bodhi wouldn’t be who she is today without the experiences she had growing up in Los Angeles. Lots of hip-hop artists have been known to come from the South Central area and the singer-songwriter is no different. Music always played an important role in her life as she struggled to manage high stress and anxiety levels that came with the territory of growing up in her neighborhood.


Since she first started her career in the music industry, Saint Bodhi has built a solid reputation as a skilled storyteller and songwriter. Her attention to detail and strong desire to create is impeccable and has managed to secure her collaborations with Beyonce, A$AP Rocky, Tinashe, and Jaden Smith to name a few.



This past year, Saint Bodhi unleashed her 10 track EP “Mad World” featuring fan favorites “FlowerChild” and “Gold Revolver.” The EP has resonated with many fans especially the women who have personally reached out to Bodhi to let her know the impact her songs have had on them and their personal relationships. While talking to her about this, she mentioned “sometimes the conversations do get a bit drawn out.” Referring to fans saying tracks like aforementioned “FlowerChild” and “Gold Revolver” have helped them with their relationships leaving Saint Bodhi curious since the songs have powerful messages. 


Knowing that she has an impact on her fans means a lot to Bodhi, “it’s cool to know that this little chick from South Central is influencing and helping people that can relate to whatever it is they resonate with.” The artist has previously said that she’s matured a lot since she initially wrote the 2020 EP which recounts who a past version of herself was. With a new project in the works, “Antisocial,” Saint Bodhi will bring us on a journey of self-discovery where we’ll witness her growth as well as follow her on a path of her getting in touch with her feelings and womanhood. 


Over the years, Saint Bodhi has built up a level of confidence that allows her to express herself freely through her music and personality. She is unapologetically herself and doesn’t care who notices. Bodhi shared a few words with me about how she manages to maintain such confidence, “I just believe in myself. I’m an individual. I’m here manifesting like everyone else and if you guys don’t like it, fuck it and so that helps me throughout the day. That belief system, it’s a self thing that you reach after a certain point.”

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