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FEATURE: ULM showcases the best in the entertainment industry by featuring these thespians, musicians and other famous Latinos in our Cover Story. Check in today to see who is visiting our “Features” section this month.

DEPARTMENTS :Here we cover the “who’s who” of our culture. Check in today to see who is “Almost Famous”, “On The Move”, and this month’s “Urban Legend”.

SOFRITO: We learned this word from our grandmothers… ULM’s “Sofrito” each month features the latest movie, concert, and music reviews. Check in today to see who’s made it to our ULM eyes and ears!

FASHION: This section is one of our newest additions, spearheaded by GEM NYC. GEM will show us how to put our best dressed self forward each week, and will keep us in style. Check in today for the latest sample sales, and hippest threads.

FOOD: As Latinos, we all love food. So, ULM has taken on the challenge of reviewing new restaurants, up and coming chefs, and best recipes for the food we love from Spain and all of Latin America. Check in today to see what new flavors you can savor or try.