Semler: From Posting “Relient Gay” Covers to Opening Up For Relient K at Irving Plaza in New York

by Natasha Melina

At New York City’s famous and beloved Irving Plaza, Semler continued living out her dream as she opened up for Relient K on their “Um Yeah Tour.”

Attracting fans and an audience from social media when she started posting covers of what she deemed herself, “Relient Gay covers,” she eventually caught the attention of Relient K group members who immediately loved what she was doing with their songs. After reaching out and developing a relationship, the popular American rock band invited Semler to open up for them on tour to which Semler of course happily accepted.

Together at Irving Plaza, an intimate crowd gathered close together to hear Semler perform her own original music as they sang along and rocked out with her. She took the stage with a huge smile on her face and used her time to connect with fans who crossed state lines just to hear her and songs from her record “Preacher’s Kid” which fans closely resonate with.


Semler will continue to release music where she proudly expressed her sexuality as well as issues she’s faced along her life’s journey.

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