Sistah Sistah, Ow! on iHeart Radio + Chachi Del Valle

by Miss YaYa Vargas

Sistah Sistah, Ow! on iHeart RadioWhen Zeitlin Perez attended a Miss YaYa performance in 2017, little did the two know they would constantly be mistaken for being sisters over time, and that a couple years later they would venture into podcasting, let alone together. A little over 12 months and 13 episodes in, these Sistah’s are excited about expanding into unknown territory.

Sistah Sistah, Ow! is eager to join the ranks. This bi-lingual podcast, encourages female empowerment in business, music, community, wellness y mas! Zeitlin and YaYa have interviewed health and beauty influencers, comedians, community activists, and bio- chemists, as well as established and budding musicians and singer- songwriters. Many of their guests overlap in various qualifications, considering more of us are growing in various career passions.


What started out as a monthly to then bi- monthly experiment, streaming on popular platforms like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify, has grown into a weekly YouTube presence, and is now also available on the iHeart Radio Podcast app.

Both Sistah Sistahs’ guests and hosts open up about childhood traumas, life goals, the upward climb of success, downward spirals, and how they rise above all the noise while inspiring others with each journey.

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YaYa and Zeitlin occasionally include segments “Who’s In Your Ear”, where the two share what music, new and classic, is on repeat in their speakers, as well as highlight women changing the game in their industry with, “Boss Mujer!”.

Parallelly, both ladies are singer- songwriters, have toured with some of the biggest artists in the music industry, performing together on stage, moderate events, and expanding their knowledge on radio and podcast production. Zeitlin is also a PR/ marketing and restaurant owner, and is active in the community. Whereas YaYa continues to pursue a career as a recording artist and venturing back into the comedy and acting arena.

Miss YaYa and Zeitlin Perez’s chemistry is known to be silly and infectious, yet inviting and relatable, as expressed by countless guests and listeners.

Grizel Chachi Del Valle

Grizel Chachi Del Valle

The connection was just as kismet with this weeks guest, singer, actor, songwriter and humanitarian, Grizel Del Valle, more famously known as La Chachi. This multifaceted Boricua talks about her journey from professional world traveling choreographer and dance competition judge, to acting in movies and playing iconic roles in the stage play ‘I Like It Like That’ alongside Tito Nieves.

Chachi also shares anecdotes of touring globally with some of the most reknown recording artists of our time, including Don Omar and Romeo Santos.

The ladies delve into details about her trip to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria, and how she along with a group of incredible women lent a hand in one of the most historic natural disasters of the islands’ history.

Chachi lets us in on her how- to’s to staying centered during times of uncertainty, in addition to her plans for keeping the creative juices flowing while quarantined and the future.

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