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Casa Mezcal & Botanic Lab

Being a New Yorker, I’m always looking for hidden gems around the city. Whether it’s a bar, lounge or restaurant, these low-key spots have something really unique about them. On a recent Saturday night I stumbled into Casa Mezcal in the Lower Eastside, a restaurant, bar, art gallery, performance venue and a lounge all in one building

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Studio Twenty One


For the bachata lovers out there, this post is for you. Bachata music has always been one of my favorite genres, since it was always played in my house as I was growing up. It’s intimate yet sexy and a genre that most people dance to when it comes on at a party.


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If you’re unabashed about your preference for luxury goods and ‘pulling up to the scene with your ceiling missing’, then the Fiat 500 by Gucci is for you.

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Alex Garcia is a committed Nuevo Latino cuisine chef who helped popularize a version of Cuban food at several New York City restaurants and on the Food Network.

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Dear Urban Latino Readers,

Welcome to my nightlife column, Hangeando Con Mabel. This is where you’ll get all your information on the latest nightlife spots around NYC. From low-key hangouts to popular lounges, I’ll feature something for everyone. Check out my column every Thursday for your nightlife guide and if you have a place that you want me to visit let me know! Read below for my first post. Follow me on Twitter @Mabel_Martinez1 and Instagram: MabelMartinez_.

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