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The technology industry is going at such a high pace that keeping up with today’s new devices is a job itself. Samsung from South Korea and Microsoft an American entity are two companies that are constantly innovating and creating products that a few years ago seemed like something out of science fiction movie. Here are three products are sure to give you look into what’s possible.

Samsung Gear VR Headset
Virtual reality is now here, and is being showcased in the Samsung Gear VR headset. This headset is compatible with the latest Samsung smart phones. The headset is lighter than most headsets, and it includes a touch pad to control what you are watching. So if you want to be in an arena, watching a movie under the stars or watch your favorite app like Netflix, in a virtual space, here is your chance. This product is much recommended and only shows where technology is taking us.


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Samsung Galaxy S7
This phone brings in a load of features and design, which makes this phone in a class by itself. For starters the sleek design makes it easy to carry and having the cured edges makes viewing the phone with ease. It large display is sharp with its 5.1inch view. The first phone to have dual-pixel technology, which captures better photos in low-light, it also focuses faster. It comes with wireless charging and allows it to charge faster than other devices. It has the ability to expand to 200GB, which is like having a small computer in your palm, and finally, it is water resistant, which means if it gets dropped in the water or water falls on it, you can just wipe away and it will not be harmed. This is a device that we recommend to all our readers.


Surface Book
Microsoft is always reinventing themselves and now have come out with a great product called Surface Book. This new ultra-thin laptop with high screen resolution is worth the look. This laptop is versatile in three ways, one it is a powerful laptop, with a full sized keyboard. It can serve also as a tablet, detaching the keyboard, and still having the power you need, and it can also become a canvas by reversing the keyboard and allowing to bring out the creativity, and it also brings a digital pen. In all you, have a three in one type of device. This laptop can come with the 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. This is a product recommend by us.

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