The Hxliday Opens Up About His Colorful New EP “Batbxy”

by Natasha Melina

Motown Records’ 19-year-old musical genius The Hxliday lives everyday like it’s a party. The Baltimore native started 2021 off just right with the release of his “Batbxy” EP that made its appearance on New Year’s Day. 


The Hxliday’s new EP consists of six songs, each with its own tone and message. During a recent interview, I had the pleasure of discussing the EP with the “Batbxy” himself. When asked about his favorite track off of the tape, he mentioned that it varies depending on his mood but when he’s happy, he definitely vibes with “Batgirl.” The young talent shared with a smile that he does have his own real-life batgirl. When it comes time for a midnight cruise, The Hxliday enjoys listening to “Bad” which is a catchy tune about losing his love interest making love bad news. 



Having gotten his stage name from a childhood nickname that stemmed from his love for the holidays, the artist enjoys making the special occasions even more meaningful to his fans by releasing new projects. His “Laugh a Little” music video made its premiere this past Christmas, showing a different side to himself. We see a more playful and fun version of The Hxliday in his music video where he’s in costume a lot. The setting of the video is a school play and The Hxliday shared that filming the video was gratifying. Prior to the “Laugh a Little” video, the young artist had gotten turned away for a few roles which influenced his vision for the video. Showing his fans how to open their own doors, The Hxliday cast himself in his music video where he was in costume as a clown and a tree. He says “when I was shooting that video and putting the makeup on for the clown scene, I was walking around set in character to help me for the video. I also want to get into acting later on!” The Motown Records’ artist says he definitely feels like the video gives off a Joker and Gotham city vibe which ties in well with the title of the EP, “Batbxy.”



Setting an example in the urban scene, The Hxliday strives to achieve a level of success that will allow him to help his Baltimore community by funding schools and activities for children. Although that’s his goal, he has already given back with his music. On the EP is a special track titled “Thank U,” the music video for the song opens with a title screen saying that the music video “shows the negative impact of drug use. Drugs are never the answer” as it depicts the artist under the influence of drugs. The Hxliday being a 19-year-old artist and advocate against drug use is more appealing to younger crowds and his fanbase. Whether he’s making music about something positive or negative, The Hxliday’s music will always sound catchy and upbeat. He says that he constantly hears melodies in his head and always finds the right one to go with his songs.

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