Tian Teases Upcoming EP “NeXos” with Sensual Music Video to First Single “Siempre Que La Veo”

by Natasha Melina

Colombian singer-songwriter Tian has been on a mission to spread love and tolerance through his music since 2008 when he first made his musical debut with his breakout album “Mi Guitarra y Yo.” Since then, he has worked with Grammy winning producers and has co-written the single “Cenizas” alongside Jessi Uribe which surpassed 45 million views.


These past few years were transformative for Tian who was dedicated to finding the right team of producers and creatives to help make his vision for his upcoming album “NeXos” come to life. The artist has shared that the EP will consist of 6 songs and each song will have a corresponding music video.



With the first single off the upcoming record being released, Tian and his team wanted to make the music video creative and fun. While the video follows an intense flirtationship between Tian and a crush, the video is very suggestive and keeps things entertaining. 


Tian is all about keeping things real in his lyrics and he has described his upcoming record as a literal nexus connecting all his feelings so that he can be transparent with his audience. In a day and age where lots of people present themselves with a “filter,” he prides himself in being his most authentic self and letting go of the fear that comes with being so open and vulnerable. 


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