Upcoming Rapper Manchureon Drops New Track “Rain Cloud”

by Natasha Melina

Manchureon is the upcoming rapper, producer, and sound engineer who has just released the track “Rain Cloud.” 

The young artist visited his family in China throughout his childhood which is where he was initially introduced to music. Being inspired by his cousin who was  a piano instructor, Manchureon began looking at music as a possible career choice. He found himself wanting to attend Juilliard to pursue music full time.

Once he reached middle school, he realized he needed to map out a clear plan of how to pursue music as a full career but until then, Manchureon did music as a hobby.



In 2018, his roommates and him were joking about starting a record label and when he started doing research on what they’d have to do to make the dream come to life, he realized it was a possibility and immediately got to work. Besides being an artist, he is also the founder of Def-Odd Records. His mission is to “democratize music and help empower musicians” in their careers.


Manchureon expressed how content he is with where he’s currently at, “I’m happy to see things came full circle. I always wanted to do music as a kid but in middle school, I realized it wasn’t possible. I thought I wasn’t going to do anything related to music but now seeing that I’m coming back to it, it’s a nice feeling.”



The artist told us that he didn’t realize what being an artist and creating music entailed since he’s worked on the production side of music for so long. He shares  “hearing music is one side of the expression and then you have some fulfilling lyrics, when you cross the two – you tell a story.” That’s exactly what he does with “Rain Cloud,” a song that aims to send the message of keeping negative thoughts away, Manchureon says he “wants listeners to feel that they’re not the only one out there going through moments of sadness. It’s important to remember that there’s nothing wrong with you or with feeling a certain way.”

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