Valente’s Rise from Boy Band to Solo Artist

by Natasha Melina

From a contestant on La Voz Kids, starring in a boy band, to now venturing out as a solo artist, there is nothing that 18 year old Puerto Rican native Valente can’t do.


Surrounded by music throughout his entire life, Valente’s path was destined from the start. Born José Pacheco, the singer-songwriter was introduced to music at a very early age. With his mother being a violin instructor, he found himself learning to play the violin at the age of 4 and playing the cello at the age of 6. Valente wasn’t the biggest fan of playing the instruments because as a child, “it’s much more fun to play outside rather than picking up a violin or cello to practice.” 


Having learned to play instruments at a young age is something that Pacheco is now able to appreciate. The unique experience shaped him as a musician, educating the La Voz Kids alum on reading music, recognizing notes, and familiarizing himself with tones.



Honing in on his talent rather quickly, Valente began developing his own musical interests at the age of 8. At this phase in his childhood was when he first had thoughts of pursuing music as a career. To make this dream a reality, Valente began taking singing and dancing classes until he was approached one day to audition for La Voz Kids. Having stunned producers and casting directors, 12 year old José Pacheco was flown to Florida to audition for latin superstars Daddy Yankee, Natalia Jiménez, and Pedro Fernández. 


Delivering a heartfelt performance of bachata track “Te Me Vas” by Prince Royce, the young talent captivated all three judges achieving a three chair turn. Valente made sure that his presence was felt on that stage, singing angelically as his feet couldn’t help but move to the rhythm, he couldn’t be any more charming. When it came down to it, all three judges wanted him but only one could have him. Ultimately, a young Valente made the decision to go with his compatriot, Daddy Yankee. The exposure that Pacheco received from the show led to him signing on to form part of a boy band after he wrapped up on La Voz Kids


Experiences like these is what has allowed Valente the opportunity to perform at the famous Coliseo de Puerto Rico, the biggest music venue that la isla del encanto holds. It’s a dream to perform on the stage of el choli and Valente was able to do just that as a young teenager. Now at the age of 18, his dreams have grown just as his passion for music has. Debuting as a solo artist, Valente is making his mark on el genero urbano. Bringing a level of romanticism back to reggaeton that can be enjoyed by everyone, he combines a catchy beat with the genuine emotions that he pours into every single one of his songs.



Valente’s latest release “Estrella” reconnects him with his roots. Full of raw emotion, the record brings you into Valente’s life, sharing what he’s been through, and his innermost feelings in this song that’s very personal to him. “It’s a song that’s me. My essence.” Having started out his singing career performing ballads, the single takes Valente back to his origins reminding him of the days he would sing songs by David Bisbal, Luis Fonsi, and Cristian Castro. 

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