Victor y Gabo Steal Hearts with Latest Releases “Imaginate” & “Tu Cuerpo”

by Natasha Melina

These Latin heartthrobs know just what their fans want and they make sure to give it to them. With their two latest releases, Victor y Gabo shows us the different sides to them. 


Victor has dubbed himself as the romantic, leaving Gabo with the title of bad boy. The two say that they have had a positive influence on each other; Gabo has been able to teach Victor to be more comfortable and confident and in return, Victor has shown Gabo how to be softer and more romantic. 




Their single “Imaginate” first made its debut on February 19th and has already hit the 100k mark on Youtube. The song captures the true romantics that the duo are and fans of Victor y Gabo are undoubtedly loving the new single. They have left comments expressing that they are “completely obsessed with the song” and “even my grandma knows the song.” Victor y Gabo shot the music video for their latest release on a beautiful beach in Venezuela and if you close your eyes while listening to the track, it almost feels like you’re there too. With a melody that you just can’t get out of your head and charming lyrics by the duo, “Imaginate” is the perfect song to share with the person you love. 



Showing off their bad boy side, Victor y Gabo previously released their fiery reggaeton track “Tu Cuerpo.” The song is different from what their fans are used to hearing from them. In the past, their music could be categorized as ballads and generally had a romantic touch. Gabo mentions that with this track, “the goal was to extract Victor’s inner bad boy.” Unsure of how fans would react to this due to the image they already had of the duo, Victor y Gabo were pleasantly surprised to receive so much support for the song. 


Victor y Gabo have a deep appreciation for their fans and want them to know that everything they do comes from the heart. The due have a lot more projects in the works including new music so make sure you stay tuned in with Victor y Gabo so that you’re among the first to hear their new releases!

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