Young Gatillo Achieves Millions of Streams on “Cintura de Mono Remix” ft. Rochy RD & Reveals the Secret to Making a Viral Dembow Hit

by Natasha Melina

Born in the Dominican Republic as Jose Rafael Gonzalez, Young Gatillo is known for his viral dembow hits “Waoo Que Chapon,” “Fuego Con To,” and “Seteo” featuring Liro Shaq. He aims to create music that will make you feel good with a catchy beat that you can dance to or simply enjoy with your friends. In less than a year, the tracks have accumulated over 10 million views on Youtube not to mention the millions of videos made to the #ChaponChallenge which became a viral TikTok dance trend. 


Young Gatillo aims to give his fans another danceable anthem with his new release “Cintura de Mono Remix” alongside Rochy RD. The dembow artist reveals the secret to making a viral dembow song is to broaden yourself and explore different environments so that you can familiarize yourself with what listeners want. Young Gatillo emphasizes  the fact that as an artist “you need to know what people want to listen to, there’s artists that sing for themselves and about the lives they live but sometimes people want to hear something else.” Keeping this in mind while creating music helps him a lot throughout his creative process because it allows him to better connect with his fans. 



Confident in his craft, creating music has only gotten easier for Young Gatillo after each viral hit. Humble and charismatic, the singer-songwriter shows his endless love and appreciation for fans and listeners across the globe who have played a role in him gaining international recognition for his fun music and down to earth personality. 

Young Gatillo could not be any more excited to share his upcoming music and collaborations with other global superstars with all of his fans. Until then, catch us dancing around to “Cintura de Mono Remix” and if you’ve got the moves, don’t forget to create a TikTok dancing to the dembow hit!

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