Yungblud Is Set To Release New Album “weird!” on December 4th All About Embracing Who You Are

by Natasha Melina

British singer-songwriter, Yungblud will be debuting his brand new record “weird!” on December 4th via Interscope Records. To celebrate the upcoming album release, Yungblud is hosting a virtual tour titledThe Weird Time Of Lifeso that he gets to spend time with fans all over the world. The New York City date for Yungblud’s virtual tour is today (November 30th, 2020) at 6pm ET and tickets can be purchased at Yungblud’s official website



You can expect to hear some fan favorites on the upcoming album  including cotton candy.”Strawberry Lipstick,” and god save me, but don’t drown me out.” The young artist has said that he wants it to be an album for the weirdest years of our lives.


Yungblud says “this album is so important to me. This thing that Yungblud is about and has always been about is culture. It’s about making people, young people feel like they have a place to belong no matter what the f**k they might be going through.” Truly  the voice of the youth, Yungblud understands that society and even the people around us don’t always accept us for who we are. That’s why he strives to provide people something they can relate to through his music and platforms. Afterall, as Yungblud has said himself, you can’t spell Yungblud without “U.”



Yungblud cannot make his message any clearer as he encourages people to explore and embrace their sexuality and be who they are. During a virtual press conference, we got a first listen at “mars” which has just been released to the public earlier this week. Yungblud introduced the song with the backstory of what inspired him to write it. He shares “this story was like a bit of magic to me. I get shivers up my back when I tell it. The song is about a young trans girl who approached me in Maryland and she told me this story about how her parents and everyone around her just couldn’t understand that she wasn’t a boy and she wasn’t their song. She had always in fact been their daughter and she was a woman because she believed she was a woman. This young girl told me that she saved up and studied hard so that she can get her parents to a Yungblud show. She thought if she can get her parents to a show, they might see other kids like her. The parents came to a Yungblud show with her and they saw people exactly like her from every walk of life being proud and energetic, completely reluctant to be anything else other than themselves. The parents then accepted her as their daughter.” 


The album reflects that the uncertainty we all feel is acceptable. It’s okay to have questions and to be scared or confused. Yungblud’s message to his fans is that it’s alright to fundamentally be different, weird, strange, and abnormal because why the f**k would you want to be like everyone else. They’re taken.” Yungblud’s upcoming record “weird!” is all about being honest with yourself and embracing who you are.

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