Zoe Wees Gives “Golden Wings” to Her Community of Fans

by Natasha Melina

Zoe Wees is the 19 year old pop sensation that has crowds singing along to her catchy tunes including “Girls Like Us” and “Hold Me Like You Used To.” Her pure heart and dedication to her craft has Wees releasing music that inspires her fans to own who they are while feeling comfortable in their own skin no matter what that might look like to them. 


Her debut EP “Golden Wings” was released in May and features five songs, each telling a story about Wees’ personal life experiences. The title Golden Wings is especially important to the pop star because her mother once told her that “the ones who leave will look down on us with golden wings.” To share this life-changing message with her fans is something she’s proud to do. Zoe Wees wants to remind everyone that they each have a set of golden wings that give them strength and that they are never alone. 



Zoe Wees opens up like never before in this debut EP. She doesn’t shy away from showing her vulnerability and raw emotions. To Wees, one of the main tracks on the album is “Hold Me Like You Used To” which is a song she wrote in honor of her great grandmother who is her set of golden wings. 


Fans of the singer-songwriter draw love and inspiration from Wees’ music because she explores feelings we all have but cannot always put into words ourselves. 


Unapologetically herself, she steps out and shares her song “Control,” the record tells the story of Wees’ struggle with anxiety and childhood epilepsy. Since its release, the track has been called “an emotional powerhouse of a song” by LADYGUNN and landed Wees on the Top 20 of Pop Radio in the U.S.


 With the most sincere intentions, Zoes Wees says that after her community listens to the EP she wants them to walk away feeling less lonely and much stronger because she knows what it’s like to feel lonely and not have the strength to deal with certain struggles.

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