AfroLatinos- An Untaught History

by Miss YaYa Vargas

In today’s climate, Afro centric education is key to understanding why and how various parts of the world have had to adapt to new cultures since before the 16th century. 

Creador Pictures presents, “AfroLatinos- An Untaught History”, a documentary highlighting the contributions of Afro- descendants in Latin American culture.

AfroLatinos- An Untaught History

AfroLatinos- An Untaught History

The film chronicles the trans- Atlantic slave trade, as well as the race identity issues that followed, and continue to effect the Hispanic community to this day.

Celebrating Afro-Latinos throughout Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, “AfroLatinos” is an exploration and appreciation of the motherland through a group of people who have not been represented positively enough in media.  

With an estimated 200 million Afro-descendants in Latin America, this majority lacks political and economic power, disparities that can be compared to the systemic racism experienced in the United States, for centuries.

As an official selection of both the Pan African Film Festival and New York International Latino Film Festival, “AfroLatinos” aims to empower its Afro brothers and sisters, while educating everyone to embrace all cultures.

Creador Pictures provides a voice to the often appropriated yet disenfranchised, and looks forward to setting fire to dialogue in addition to promoting change.

AfroLatinos the Documentary from Renzo Devia / Creador Pictures on Vimeo.

This 90 minute piece is an introduction to a more in-depth seris experience currently being pitched to major streaming platforms.  “AfroLatinos- The Untaught History” is currently available for streaming via Vimeo On Demand both in English and Spanish.

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