Al Pizzle Opens Up About Toxic Relationship in His Debut Single “Without You, Without Me”

by Natasha Melina

Many know Al Pizzle as a radio personality, having formerly worked for Spanish Broadcasting System, CBS Radio, and currently a host on Miami’s SoFlo Morning Show on Hits 97.3fm. Pizzle has built quite a reputation for himself, gaining the love of listeners everywhere he has touched ground. Now, he finds himself pursuing another dream he’s always had – music! 


Working in radio and moonlighting as a DJ, Al Pizzle has always stayed in touch with his dreams and passions. Wearing many hats such as producer and songwriter, the upcoming artist has written music for others in the past and he’s now finding it to be his time to launch his musical career. He shares “I’ve always been ambitious, I’ve always been a dreamer. I was always the dreamer in my family.”



The singer-songwriter tells his story about finding light at the end of the tunnel after leaving a toxic relationship and recounts his experience in his debut single “Without You, Without Me.”  The process of writing the song was difficult because it took Al Pizzle back to a particularly dark time and experience he had been going through. Aside from the bad memory, he put the song together rather quickly. In a single day, he was able to write the lyrics and construct the catchy beat from scratch. 


Putting his real and raw emotions and life experiences out for everyone to hear was also a challenge but something that he felt was necessary. He wants it to serve as a way to make listeners feel understood, “I want people to feel like it’s okay to go through shit. We all go through crap. I’m an emotional person, I cry over everything but I’m at a place where I embrace my feelings.” Al Pizzle’s overall goal is for his audience to not feel alone after hearing “Without You, Without Me.”



This past Friday, Al Pizzle released his music video marking his debut as a director as well. Co-directing alongside him was his friend and media personality, Melissa Rodriguez who also helped with the production and editing process. The singer-songwriter says, “I already knew that I wanted to bring to life what actually happened to me.” It was a new experience for Al Pizzle but one that he took on with strength. He put himself out there with both the song and music video and admits he’s happy he did. 


With every word he speaks, you can hear the passion and positivity in his voice. The new artist shares “I do believe that we live in our purposes or at least we get to choose to live in our purposes. I knew that music was something that I always wanted to do. It was a passion I’ve had since I was a kid. My main focus for a while was my radio career and so now that it’s going well, I have the opportunity to really pursue the other things that I’ve wanted to accomplish. I want to be a rockstar.”

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